About Us

About Us

Elambak is not just a company, it’s a community of professionals and each professional in our team is fully qualified with his/her skills. We are intended to provide A to Z services so that you will not have to go somewhere else to proceed a part of your project. We take your project as it’s ours and we strive to complete each and every requirement of your project in its actual form.

Elambak headquarter is located in Northern Bawaris: Franconia, but we have a network of workers and clients worldwide. At this moment we’ve served our services in 30+ countries.


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    Initialization of Project Proceeding

    We simply take a start to collect all the requirement and information about the project with one to one communication via email, skype or through our own developed client portal. Once all detail is collected then we make an explanatory document that contains steps to proceed with the project a copy of the same document will be sent to the project owner as a client for verification.

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    Partial Payment Proceeding

    While working remotely, we understand how it concerns for anyone to pay without having trust at the company though we never ask to pay first here. You’ll only pay for what you received. We proceed partial payments, a very little percent of your total project amount would be paid initially then the rest of payments will proceed partially during different steps of your project accomplishment. Alternatively, we also allow milestone payment proceeding.

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    Long-term Project Support

    For any kind of develop jobs, we not just deliver your work but we also take care of that to keep that updated and stable. Our pre and post technical support will guide you with throughout the proceeding of your project plan. It doesn’t charge any extra cost.

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    Non-Disclose Agreement

    We respect your ownership and never share anything about your project without taking your granted permission. While working with your project you can request us to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).

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Professional Consulting

we are available to answer most questions you may have as far as technical issues, branding questions a startup up marketing. Any question you have we will help find the answer, and there is never a fee for consulting with our clients.

Valuable Ideas

we’re constantly searching for new, better ways to serve our clients and maximize our value as a service. We’re here to do what our clients need done, but we never just stop there. Going above and beyond is a major point of pride for our team.

Excellent Timing

For many entrepreneurs, timing is everything. It takes a combination of experience, circumstance, connections and luck to make the leap to becoming an entrepreneur. We make sure to follow the timing that we commit.

Budget Friendly

We offer price-competitive service to your desire budget without any compromise over the quality of work. For multi-services hiring, you can take an estimation from our sale depart along with discounts and special offers.

We've bundle packages for corporate base projects

Corporate Package

We have been driving many sector or corporate level projects from the part of development to the notch of marketing. Below are the following services including in our corporate package.

Website & Mobile Apps Development

At first, we go through with all development stuff by developing and deploying complete website including its admin panel also the mobile application separately for Android & IOS.

Content Writing & Translation

For the website and Apps, our developer will generate creative content or will modify your existing content. It also proposed the translation of the same content in other languages where required.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Once, the project is complete that would be time to market that across the world and let the audience know about your products or services. It includes initial SEO optimization.


Have questions?

Do you have a question about our services? This is the place to get answers. Elambak Team members will answer your question or direct you to an appropriate contact. Submit your question in the form provided below or email Elambak directly at support@elambak.com.



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