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We are Philippine company and we also hold an office in the south Asia where we found Urdu or Hindi language as common to speak there that’s why we realize this must be added in our translation services to service the people of another region who want to change their text in the Urdu language. For this language you can obtain a sample work with us before to assign this job and only after your satisfaction you can tell us to proceed your task so share your job with us by ordering it here:

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Terms about Duration:

Time duration is vary on the content length and quantity that you’ll assign to us, usually 2-3 translators own a project but if you order project in urgent need then we will assign your task to more than 3 translators (if available).

Terms about Payment:

For translation, we work partially and receive amount partially too. Like if you have a document of 500-words that need to be translated then we will divide this into 3-documents (1-100 words, 2- 200 words and 3- 200 words). The first document of 100 words would be considered as a sample from that you can decide either we are going write or not, You can confirm from the help of any native speaker about either our work is genuine or not. After your satisfaction, you’ll require to deposit amount for complete document and pay amount partially that we will deal with you in the start.

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