Our Hosting Servers:

There were many times when we requested our clients to buy a server and hosting to provide us so then we can develop their website’s to deploy over that hosting/server. But often we reported that the hosting/server they’re requested to buy is much expansive, another issue that was causing a complexion to our clients is the technicality while choosing a server/hosting package.

To make it easier, we decided to start offering our own hosting plans along with our web development service. Although, these cheap hosting plans are open to everyone.  But, here we had many challenges to provide you a reliable and secure hosting at possible less cost, after a deep research we choose the cloud hosting service for you instead of reselling hosting.

High Traffic

Cloud-hosted servers owned by “Google Machines”, which is SEO friendly and CDN supported to get high traffic.

Valuable Features

Unlimited features with many great tools, including a complete admin panel with simple UI.

Excellent Timing

No compromise on performance, as cloud-hosted apps, you’ll get better outcomes for performance than you competitors.

Budget Friendly

Straight and flat pricing of 50$/year with no hidden charges and no limitation. Including free technical support.


Following are the core reasons behind why you should use cloud hosting instead of generic hosting.

  • Our Cloud hosting is an open machine that supports all operating systems where you can install any software.
  • While using our cloud hosting you can also obtain load balancing and backup’s.
  • We works with “Google” service that’s why the performance of our hosting servers will surely the best.
  • A control or admin panel will installed and configured with any hosting plan.
  • There’s no limitations regarding email and domain hosting.

Supported Platforms:

We’re serving these hosting service for Windows and Linux, although, of the admin panel you’ll have a couple of options available usually, we work with “CWP (Centos Web Panel)” because it has great and an understandable user-interface.


  • Unlimited Domains & Sub-domains
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Auto Email responder/ Email forwarder
  • Advance File Manager
  • Auto SSL installer
  • Auto Backup Generator
  • MySql (phpmyadmin) database
  • Unlimited users addition
  • Firewall/Mod Security
  • DNS Manger
  • 3rd party plugins
  • FTP/SSH supported
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While other hosting providers may ask you to pay 150$ or more with limited features but as said, we are intending to provide these hosting plans with all described features at merely cost of 50$/year with the free technical support and free maintenance. We make sure that there would be no hidden and any additional charges. Just 50$/year for all.

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