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Are you looking to create a website from scratch?

It has been 7 years since we started to work around web technologies. Initially, we accomplished many projects for web designing and development successfully for our honorable clients from Austria, Australia and many countries from Europe, we were so busy trying so hard to do everything in this field. But the fact of the matter is we were stuck in a queue where many web development companies and agencies claimed the same services, therefore it had become compulsory to make our services distinctive from others, so we have taken some practical steps in this regard and came across these following improvements:

One-Stop Solution:
While requesting a web designing or development service, others might be asked to provide a content including the logo, graphical images as a banner, and text for website pages. In this case, you will require to hire a writer to create a text content and a graphic designer to create a logo and other images. But, we’re here at “Elambak Valley” propose all solutions for all your needs, we will never let you go to any other places. We have an excellent team of writers, graphic designers and of course website and mobile apps developers and It will be their pleasure to take care of every need when working with your website.

Complex Solution:
Every project is different, some may have complex scenarios that often appears when your developing website relies on others (3rd party) apps. One of the most common examples of this is when you require to scrape data from other websites for your website. At “Elambak Valley”, we’re proud to say that we never say: “It is not possible” instead we say, “We’re working to find a possible solution about this complex task”. Other companies might be specific with few technologies but we are working and serving at many techs including website development, software development, scrap, and automation bot development, mobile app development and many more.

Ease of Pricing:
It’s very important when hiring a company to work remotely, how do you make sure payment promptness, security? Obviously, you’ll not feel happy to pay first but you’ve to go with that because most of the companies will not start the workout on your project until you deposit and pay an advance amount. We believe to make clients before to make amount from them, your satisfaction is our first priority and with this same ambition, we will happy to initiate work on your project as a prototype without asking any amount. Once, you satisfy you will be requested to pay very little approx 30% of total project amount at first stage (after receiving prototype) the rest payment will distribute in other two stage 30% in mid and 40% at the end of the project.

Website Hosting & Server:
While requesting a web development from any company or agency, they will surely ask you to purchase a hosting/server to deploy your website there and it can charge you up to 150$/yearly additionally. But, at our “Elambak Valley,” we will deploy your complete website project at our self-hosted server at just cost 50$/yearly with free maintenance. You can research yourself to see no one else will offer you this price.

Coming back to our unique services, you’ll be surprised to know what else we can deliver to you.

  • Free Database backup tool (SQL-Connector) developed by this same house “Elambak Valley” to keep your website data backup.
  • Free 1-year technical support and maintenance.
  • Free initial SEO (search engine optimization) for your website.
  • Free SSL installation to certify your website secure for end users or viewers (If required)

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