Complete Website Package


In a complete website development package, we’ll do care of everything that’s essential in website designing, development, or integration. Most of the businesses are having a misapprehension that the website layout and its publishing would be enough to stand out in the competition. Although, this is an absolutely wrong concept and they can’t get any benefit with just a website launching. It requires something more to keep your business in Google search results. Google and other search engines appreciate website that follows quality standards and policies. Therefore, this package will give you a perfect digital representation of your work. All features are described below at this page.

  • Cost: 25000/- Pakistan Rupees
  • Validity Tenure: 1 year

One-time payment for a year!

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Purchasing this complete website package will give you the following features:

  • Domain Registration: We will reserve and purchase your business name/identity/domain
  • Server/Host: You don’t need to pay for the server to host your website for publication, we will host it at our Canadian-based shared server.
  • Email Addresses: We will set up your official email addresses and let your emails forward to your personal email address’s
  • SSL Certificate: We will set up an SSL certificate along with your website name/domain, it’s a certificate that let your visitors know that the website is completely secure to visit.
  • Banners/Content: In your website theme, we’ll design the banners ourselves wherever required, also we can write, rewrite your website content with proofreading. (Logo designing not included)
  • SEO & Google Setup: Once, the website would be ready to publish, we will register it to all search engine and initiate the SEO so the search engines can start to show off your website in the search results (Ranking not included )


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