Elambak is a professional translation service provider company that ensures the global success of your organization. We have over 10 years of professional experience.

Accuracy Is The Key In Our Service: Don’t let poorly translated give potential customers the wrong idea about your business, so you need to get your message across quickly and accurately. At Elambak, we have a team of dedicated and professional translators who know the importance of great transaltion over 7 – languages. We will deliver the transaltion that will give you a competitive edge over your rivals.

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Our Translation Service

During our 12- years experience with website & software development at Elambak, we realized, many international companies needs to have a bilingual or multi-language platform. Although, It might be complicated to find a translator for each language. As we’re committed to delivering a one-stop solution for all your needs, that’s why we decided to launch multi-language translation service. Currently, we have the professional translators for 7- different languages but, more languages will be added soon in our portfolio.

The Way We Translate

We have the professional translators for each supporting languages by Elambak, who are willing to translate any content manually with complete proofreading. We’re responsible to follow the accuracy and standards of each language. It’s also important to share that each translator in our team is certified in its specified language. The final submission will always be passed by a native of that language. We also care about to follow your keywords within our translated content that help to optimize your global site for different search engine.

Looking for FrenchItalian DutchChineseSpanishGerman Translation?

French Translation

We’ve 3- French translator in our team with years experience in professionalism. This service includes English to French or French to English translation.

Italian Translation

We will provide you with an accurate and professional translation from
Italian-English or English-Italian. We assured 100% accuracy.

Dutch Translation

Our native Dutch speakers with technical knowledge will deliver you Dutch-English or English-Dutch translation with superb quality.

Spanish Translation

Spanish translation is one of most service we sold with flawless translation between Spanish-English or English-Spanish.

German Translation

We’ve 20-year-old trained translator as an industrial clerk, born and raised in Germany, who been translating German-English or English-German.

Chinese Translation

We’re providing traditional/simplified Chinese-English or English-Chinese translation along with pinyin and calligraphed characters.

From Our Professionals

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Before to start we would welcome you to take a look at our previous accomplished jobs. The shared files are written as the samples and not disclosing any copyrights of content.

What we can do for you?

We work with all stuff about the translation

  • Website content, product reviews, software documentations.
  • Powerpoint presentations, official letters, resumes, transcribes.
  • Images, videos, subtitles, tickers, reports, manuals, assignments
  • E-books, article, technical, techincal text, legal documents
  • Voice-overs, social contents
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Elambak is the best consulting company We have ever worked and highly recommended for all size of companies.

Through our affordable cost rate & marketplace competitions, we assess our client’s business challenging tasks and common commercial requirements.

With our successful translation service, we create a unique corporate identity in multiple languages through our creative & restoration services. We possess a team of highly qualified & certified translators, who are very experienced, proficient, and competent solution providers in this industry.

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