VPS Service

VPS (Virtual Private Servers):

Elambak VPS service is another move towards digital revolution. Once again, we went around our slogan that “One-Stop Solution for your all needs” and found that VPS service was missing there that might be need of an individual or a company that was time, we started work onto it. But, now we’re glad to announce that we’re ready to deliver you the best VPS (Virtual Private Servers), the best because we choose the best machines from “Google” to run these VPS over.  There is even several operating systems supported for a VPS including Windows, Linux, Centos7.

A Slightly Different Experience:

The thing is, though just because someone suggests you to buy a VPS, it doesn’t mean that it’s so simple as it sounds. It might be hard to decide which configuration will be best to set up a VPS according to your needs. Because most of VPS providers allocate a machine for you and the rest setup you’ll have to operate yourself. Here at Elambak, you’ll sure have a different but great experience to buy your own VPS with us by simply sharing your needs. Not sure about your needs? Simply then take our friendly and technical assistance.  We may just require to know why do you need a VPS? And for which operating system you are used to operating well. That’s it and then leave everything to our technicians. They will responsibly configure and deploy a brand new VPS for you.  Our responsibilities don’t end here. We will also take care of future maintenance and fixing for this VPS with free technical support.

Final Deliverance:

When everything would be ready, you’ll receive an executable file that can run in simply click on your current laptop/computer. While running this executable file it may ask you to log in with your VPS account credentials that you’ll receive an email from our support team. Just like you log in your personal computer, you will also attempt to login on your VPS using your VPS account credentials. Once login successfully, a complete desktop view of your brand new computer will be in front of you with the same look as you have in your laptop/computer desktop. So, you can start to use your VPS. Don’t forget about our free technical support in case you have any difficulties with the use of your VPS.


Just like Elambak other products, we’re also committed to giving you the best price VPS though we are unable to publish flat prices until we know your requirements that’s why we can quote a price after knowing your needs but just to give you an idea it may take a start at just 10$/month, 50$/6-months, 100$/year and so on. Stay satisfied because whatever we would offer you that will be less than other providers and we also assured to provide free technical support for any VPS.

So take a right step to pick the right VPS with us and write to us the get an instant quote regarding your order for VPS.