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We start out Elambak from this service of articles and blogs and this was the first source of our income from that we enhanced and move for more services. It’s still our favorite area to work even till now we have collected the best writers around us who are waiting to write for you.

How do we write?

  • Understand your subject and topic
  • Be specific with the relevance of your topic
  • Decide with writing tone should be implemented whether technical or friendly
  • Follow keywords within the body
  • Check punctuation, grammar and spelling mistake manually
  • Make sure punctuation, grammar and spelling mistake free content with online checking too
  • Final review before to submit

Order and share your task with us:

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Terms about Duration:

Time duration is vary on the content length and quantity that you’ll assign to us, usually 2-3 writers own a project but if you order project in urgent need then we will assign your task to more than 3 writers.

Terms about Payment:

After each submission and approval, you’ll require depositing amount for that article or blog only then we will move for the next. In best practice we think you should first satisfy with our content, we can write a sample for you in the start and if you think our content is same what you want to read, then you can deposit amount in advance for 5-10 articles, this payment proceeding will prevent amount deduction for each small partial  payment.
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