How to run java program/file?

Questions/AnswersCategory: Java DevelopmentHow to run java program/file?
Jain asked 2 years ago

I’ve recently downloaded a Java-based software it has all achieve or zip formatted files, I don’t understand how to execute the main application/program?

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aleem Staff answered 2 years ago

Java-based programs/software are usually distributed in the “.Jar” formatted file. It always requires a Java to be installed in your system pc otherwise you’ll not able to run this application and instead it will show in a zip, archive or compressed file as shown below in figure 1.1:

Figure 1.1



To run and execute this, you’re required to download and install Java first you can visit the Java official page ( to download it now.  Once Java is installed the second and last step is to go to the same application file which was showing in compressed, archive or zip form and right-click on it, then select “open with” option and find “Java (TM) platform” if not showing then click the “More option” to see more formats and find “Java” there. Select “Java (TM) platform” to run this file also mark the checkbox that says “Use this app for all .jar files”. Your application should execute or run now. You need to follow these instructions only once, later the format of this file will always be formed in “.jar” executable file as shown below in figure: 1.2, so it should executable at a single click.

Figure 1.2