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Elambak Web Update:

Apart from web development from scratch, we executed many projects about website updates and fixes. These are the kind of tasks where the website was developed by else but then we were hired to fix any issue or update it to add more features. Not other companies may offer you this service because they will like to take advantage by making a site from scratch, although we at “Elambak Valley” really love it to take over other works and fix or update accordingly. This service includes both frontend tweaks (changes in design) and backend updates (changes in functionalities).

In recent time, we have reported with many projects from Austria, Australia, and other Europeans countries, those were established and published but few of them occurs some bugs while some require updates. In these such cases, clients expect us to provide a quick solution by fixing and updating their website’s. Though, it is an absolutely different depart from a web-development due to these following reasons:

  • A website was originally developed by someone else, and now we’re taking over to that by diagnosis its existing work structure.
  • If a website is already published then it needs to optimize and repair more carefully without interrupting its working segments.
  • Website should have a backup first before to make any changes.
  • An assurance about any changes made to a running website will not cause its other functions.

As said we have accomplished many tasks approx 45% of the total of projects assigned to us about website repairing, fixing, and updates. Most of them were deployed on CMS including WordPress, Drupal, etc. It always requires a strenuous effort than making a new website from scratch but we’re used to of it, even it is one of our vital service in Austra & Australia.

How We Serve Here?

  • Our first responsibility to collect all possible information regarding the bugs, issues, and changes.
  • Secondly, we make sure to create and store a backup of your complete existing work.
  • Diagnose structure of your existing website work and understand its structure.
  • Apply fixing and changes in test environments.
  • Publish the changes as an update to the live website.

Payment Policy:
Unlike website development from scratch, possible for a little tweak or minor changes we will not ask any payment in advance until we recognized the issue and your website structure along with its solution. Once, a solution is created by our developer then we may ask you to pay the full or partial amount to get that solution integrated with your current work.

If you’ve any issue, error or bug that require to be fixed, you can write to us and share details:

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